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Amethyst belongs to the mineral family Quartz. This is the same family as clear quartz & rose quartz, but this time it has trace elements of iron to give it the purple colour. Amethyst can be pale violet to deep purple and the colour may fade if left in direct sunlight.

Amethysts are found in geodes where the crystal has formed inside a pocket within other rock. A large specimen which is still within its shape having a cavity is known as a geode. Smaller specimens of amethyst which still show natural growth on a bed, but not in its full natural shape, are often known as druzy clusters. There are also natural amethyst points, however they are smaller in size compared to the points of the clear quartz, as the two crystals grow differently.

Amethyst is what I call a good ‘all-rounder’ as it helps at all levels of our being. It is a good pain reliever, especially for headaches and is good for the immune system. Emotionally it can help with sadness, grief and coming to terms with loss. It is known to help combat bad habits and release one from addictions. It is an excellent stone for meditation as it helps to calm the mind and raises spiritual awareness by facilitating a conscious connection with spirit.

In healing it is often used on the 3rd eye or crown chakra for the spiritual connection. For pain relief it can be placed anywhere on the body where pain may be. I often place clients in a net of amethyst using 6 tumblestones or small points.

From Sue Weaver Crystals;

A stone of transformation and change. Helps to assimilate change in our lives, thus good for the dying and bereaved. Can help with headaches, insomnia, nightmares, grief and addictive behaviours.

My experience of amethyst;

When I was writing these notes on Amethyst, I was struggling. I knew what amethyst was all about, but I couldn’t put it into words. I read some text books and looked on some websites, but I still couldn’t turn it into something that people could read and make sense of. Then it occurred to me – amethyst is about our connection to spirit. So I closed all the books and the internet and I just sat with my crystal and connected to spirit. When I went back to writing these notes, it seemed to flow much easier – hopefully I have made sense?!

Spirit has had a large influence in my life this week. I have found that my conversations with friends have been mostly talking about spirit and how my life has transformed by having a higher spiritual awareness. I was even shown how spirit can play a joke on us. Some keys went missing and after looking everywhere for 10 minutes, I decided to check my handbag. I wasn’t expecting to find them in there as my bag was zipped shut, across my body and I had not handled the keys. But there they were. The only explanation for this, is that spirit put them there!

I have always used Amethyst to help ease pain in the body. On the first night I put 2 small amethyst in my pillow case and the next morning I woke up with a pain across the top of my shoulders, just where the crystals would have been (I hadn’t felt them in the night, so it wasn’t because they had physically hurt me). I did the same thing on the second night and had the same pain the following morning. On the third night I left them out of my pillow and the pain in my shoulders eased and by the end of the third day it had gone. There are a number of reasons why this may have happened and I have had a few people comment on having a similar experience, so I will write more about it in a separate post.

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