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Morganite is a type of Beryl, with the mineral Manganese giving it a pale pink colour. It is often translucent and can be found in varying shades of pink. Other types of Beryl are Aquamarine & Emerald.

Morganite connects with the heart and heart chakra helping us to open up to the power of Divine Love and compassion. As we allow our hearts to open to this energy, old emotional pain can then be released. It can help to cleanse our emotional body of stress, anxiety, old wounds and hidden traumas, leaving us feeling as if old burdens have been lifted.

Morganite can help to attract an abundance of love into one’s life and aid in being receptive to love from others. It encourages loving thoughts and actions, enhances compassion and helps to deepen love in existing relationships.

When we open up to the energy of Divine Love with Morganite, we can find the confidence to live a pure, heart centred life and to express our truth.

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