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How Healing Can Help You

Everything in the universe is made up of energy and each one of us have our own vibration. If we move away from our optimum frequency of vibration, we may start to notice disharmony in our body, mind, emotions or spiritual well-being. We start to feel out of balance, emotional and eventually feel ailments in our physical body.

Healing can help us to recognise what is causing an imbalance in our energy and to take steps to correct this. It can help with many emotional issues such as stress, anxiety or depression. It can also help with the physical ailments that are often associated with these such as headaches, aches & pains or fibromyalgia. There is so much more that healing can help with and every treatment is tailored to one's individual needs.

Chakra points

Treatments available

During a healing treatment I use a combination of Crystal Healing and Reiki Healing (otherwise known as Universal Energy Healing).

Reiki Healing is available as a treatment without the use of crystals, if this is preferred.


The cost of a treatment is £30

Absent / Distant healing is also available - please contact me for further details.

Crystal Healing


Crystal healing is an energy based, holistic treatment, which works on the person as a whole, to bring us back into alignment with our true selves. It is non-invasive, therapeutic and deeply relaxing.


Every crystal has a precise rate of vibration and when used within our energy, can help us to regain our own optimum rate of vibration, creating balance and a wonderful harmony within ourselves.


As a crystal healer, I have connected with many crystals to understand their energy and how they can help us on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. During a treatment, I use this knowledge, along with my intuition, to select crystals and place them on or around the body. I then use universal healing energy to work within a client’s energy to clear, release and re-energise.

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Reiki Healing


The Japanese word ‘reiki’ can be translated as ‘universal life energy’. The Usui System, which I am qualified in, is a way of working with Reiki for healing of the self and others. Reiki healing addresses the whole person on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, regaining harmony and wholeness.

Chakra balance

What happens during a healing treatment

When you come for a healing treatment you will be invited to share anything about your health or general well-being, looking at all areas of physical, emotional, mental and also spiritual.

You will be asked to remove your shoes and will lay face up on a healing couch. To feel as relaxed as possible, you are encouraged to close your eyes throughout the treatment.


I will place crystals on you and around you and work within your aura using my hands. Occasionally I may place my hands on your body, if you have agreed that you are comfortable with this. 

You should feel very relaxed during the treatment and some people who are sensitive to energy may feel a sensation such as tingling, heat, cold or movement of energy. All of this is normal and is part of the healing process.

At the end of the treatment there will be an opportunity to ask any questions and we will discuss what you can expect following the treatment.

Further information

I'm not taking on any new clients at the moment as I am moving home. Please keep checking back for when I have resumed healing treatments.

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