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How to connect with crystals and experience their energy

Updated: May 5

When I was studying to become a crystal healer, as part of my training, I had to learn about the energy of many different crystals. I did this by attuning to them through meditation, carrying them, sleeping with them and living with them for a period of time. The result has been life changing for me and I would like to take this opportunity to share the wonderful energy of crystals with others.

Every crystal has its own energy and vibration. We also have our own energy and vibration which will blend with the crystal when we connect with it. By attuning to a crystal, you will come to understand how that particular crystal can work for you, at this moment in time.

Over the period of a year, I hosted a facebook group called The Joy of Crystals, where I would introduce a new crystal every week. We would then come together at the end of the week to share our own experience, as well as reading what other authors have written. We have now finished the year of working together, but you may like to connect with a number of crystals on your own.

If you wish to learn more about how a crystal may work for you, I have shared some guidelines below on how to attune to its energy. It may be tempting to look in a book or on the internet at someone else’s opinion, but try not to do this until you have felt the crystal energy for yourself first. I have written about many crystals here on my blog page, and included my own experience too. Remember though, feel the energy for yourself first before you have a look!

There are a number of ways to attune to a crystal & below is just one suggestion. Over time you will find what works for you. Some crystals have a stronger energy than others, so you may not need to do all that is suggested. Other crystals have a gentle energy, so you may need to sit with it for a while longer. When you have finished your attunement, write down what you experienced from the crystal’s energy.

• Find a place where you can sit in peace for a while • Relax and be conscious of connecting to the earth through your feet, to spirit above and to yourself within • Look closely at your crystal - see its shape, colour and texture • Hold the crystal in your hand and close your eyes • Observe any physical feelings that you may have throughout your body, any emotions that you feel, any thoughts that you may have or any visions that you can see • Hold the crystal over each of the chakra points of the body • Ask questions of your crystal. These might include, how can you help me on a physical/ emotional/mental/spiritual level? Listen for the answers • At the end of your attunement, thank your crystal

The next step in understanding the energy of a crystal is to live with it. Carry it with you every day, either in your pocket or against your skin. Sleep with the crystal under your pillow. Observe how you behave during this time and what happens in your life. Observe how you feel and how you interact with others. On average, spending a week with a crystal should give you a good indication of its energy. However, some crystals have a slow and gradual effect on us, whereas some have an instant impact. So it is really down to the individual to know when you have gained the understanding that you want.

There are many books available that will tell you the general quality of each crystal. Remember, try not to look at the opinion of others until you have felt how each crystal works for YOU. If you find that what you have felt about a crystal doesn’t match what others have felt, this doesn’t mean you have got it wrong. There is no right or wrong when we work with energy. Remember that what you feel is true to you at this moment in time.

I hope that you enjoy connecting with the crystals as much as I did and if you wish to share the energy that you have felt with others, my facebook group is still active for comments. If you would like to learn more about using crystals for your own personal use, then check out my Crystal Training page for upcoming courses. For qualified crystal healer training, I would recommend The Cornwall School of Crystal & Energy Healing, run by Sue Weaver. Sue is a wonderful teacher and the attunement guidelines above are taken from her crystal healing course.

Enjoy x

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