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Tourmaline - coloured (not black)

Tourmaline comes in different colours including pink/red (Rubellite), green (Verdelite), Watermelon, blue (Indicolite) or yellow/brown (Dravite). Black tourmaline (Schorl) is listed separately.

All tourmaline are a complex borosilicate, compounded with other elements to give them the different colours. Whereas the black tourmaline is opaque, other colours are normally translucent.

Pink/red tourmaline is also called Rubellite. This crystal is associated with the heart and with aligning the heart to the crown chakra. It has a feminine energy. It supports healing of the heart including old emotional wounds, particularly those from childhood. It can help timid or emotionless people to show love and passion.

Green tourmaline is also called Verdelite. This crystal is also associated with the heart, but is a masculine energy and more connected to physical life than the pink tourmaline. It offers balance, stability and inner peace as well as relieving emotional pain and confusion. Green tourmaline can be used to connect with nature spirits and to enhance vitality in plants. It is good for chronic pain and inflammation.

Watermelon tourmaline is a combination of pink & green and is a balance of male and female energy. This crystal brings balance and harmony on all levels of the heart. It eases stress, supports the physical heart and fills the emotional body with a feeling of joy from within.

Blue tourmaline is also called Indicolite. This crystal is associated with the throat and third eye and helps with inner vision. It encourages speaking your truth from the heart along with encouraging an open mind and tolerance for others differences. It promotes living in harmony, peace and serenity and releases fear and inhibitions.

Robert Simmons:

Brown tourmaline (Dravite) helps with self-acceptance, self-healing, bringing the shadow self to consciousness, self-love.

Golden tourmaline relates to the solar plexus and is good to strengthen will, confidence and find inner strength.

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