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Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is clear quartz with inclusions of rutile. The rutile is usually golden in colour but can also be redish-brown, silver or black. The rutile usually looks like hairs or needles, but can sometimes be thick and the pattern it forms is random throughout the crystal. Rutilated quartz is one of the few gemstones desirable because of its inclusions. Most rutilated quartz comes from Madagascar or Brazil.

Rutilated quartz has the many properties of normal clear quartz, but each is amplified even more. It is said to be very programmable and used to magnify intent or affirmations.

Clear quartz properties;

The energy of clear quartz works with all chakras of the body and on all auric levels, making it a perfect crystal to use in healing. It clears and cleanses, taking the energy of the individual back to its purest state. It is transforming and amplifying and can be used to amplify ones intention. It aids communication with spirit and is also a good crystal to use for meditation as it helps us to connect with our higher self.

Clear quartz is programmable, so it is perfect for using in a crystal grid. With clear intent, energy can be put into the crystal where it will be held. Once in the grid it will transmit the energy, along with amplifying the energy of any other crystals within the grid.

Robert Simmons;

Rutilated quartz helps one to instantly know if a person or situation carries good or bad ‘vibes’. It quickens the processes of manifestation, intuition, psychic opening and consciousness expanding. It supports a speedy healing process and aids hair growth and quality.

I have used rutilated quartz to seal up ‘holes’ within my aura, following release of things that I needed to let go of. I connected to the web of rutile within the crystal and used that to sew/patch up the holes.

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