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Rhodocrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral of the Calcite group. Its appearance is usually pink and white banded layers with its rare pure form being a rose-red colour.

Rhodocrosite is another crystal for love. However, unlike Rhodonite last week which was for external love, the Rhodocrosite is more about self-love and emotional healing. It helps us to do what is necessary to heal within our hearts, by acknowledging old emotional wounds and then releasing them to let them go. It has an energy of inner peace and self-forgiveness allowing us to be who we truly are within and to love ourselves.

Rhodocrosite is also a stone of joy. It encourages a positive, enthusiastic outlook on life as well as having a mood-lifting effect. It helps us to show spontaneous expressions of feeling and brings confidence and courage in facing the world.

Physically Rhodocrosite can help with stress-related issues and when placed on the base of the skull can help to relieve migraines. It is traditionally used to help with the heart and circulatory system as well as being good for the lungs. It supports the relief of infections such as sinus infections, stomach ulcers, digestive disorders and other inflammation.

My opinion of Rhodocrosite;

There are many more physical ailments that Rhodocrosite is reported to help with. This is not surprising when many physical ailments are often a manifestation of dis-harmony within us which cause us dis-ease. When we work on self-healing, having self-love is fundamental to being balanced and in alignment with our true selves. Rhodocrosite can help with this by releasing what no longer serves and then supporting the emotional healing through to finally loving oneself again.

My week living with Rhodocrosite;

Towards the end of last week I had a number of conversations where I was remembering pets that have passed. With the Rhodocrosite, I continued to release some emotion about this. Having looked back at my notes from other times when I have worked with this crystal, I also released emotion about pets and animals in general.

Towards the end of the week working with this crystal, I felt like I had a renewed purpose in life. I felt very balanced, confident that I am on the right path and optimistic about putting plans in place for future projects.

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