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Golden Healer

Golden Healer is the name given to the gold coloured Hematoid Quartz. It is clear quartz with iron oxide growing just beneath the surface, or within layers inside the crystal, displaying beautiful golden patterns. A hematoid quartz can vary in colour from a light golden colour through orange, to red.

Golden healer has a bright uplifting energy. It is warming and brings a sense of well being. It is helpful if you are feeling low, depressed or suffering from exhaustion as it lifts your energy and brings a sense of well-being.

Golden healer is a good general all round healer, but is probably felt more in the solar plexus, third eye and crown. It can stimulate your inner-confidence and vitality, helping to shine your light on all that you set your intention to.

Due to its uplifting, bright energy, Golden Healer can be good in the winter months and for anyone suffering from S.A.D.

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