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Preseli Bluestone

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Preseli Bluestone is the name given to Preseli spotted dolerite. It originates from the Preseli Hills in Wales and is one of the stones that forms the inner circle within Stonehenge. Its colour can vary from blue/grey to dark blue or almost green when polished and it is spotted with white.

Preseli Bluestone has a powerful grounding energy and connects with the earth star (the chakra beneath the feet). At the same time, its energy works with the higher chakras and aids in our connection to spirit and the universe. Because of the connection above and below, it is a good crystal for journeying, connecting to ancestral wisdom and working with the energy of the earth.

I personally love this crystal. I became the guardian of my Preseli Bluestone skull a number of years ago, knowing that he was going to work with me at some time in the future (skulls had never been something I was drawn to, but he was calling out to me!) This past year he has travelled with me a lot as I have been working more with earth energy. I have drawn upon his energy when joining ceremonies at sacred sites and when I went on a sacred journey in and around Stonehenge, sending love and healing energy into the earth. I have certainly felt the grounding, stable energy of this crystal as well as an expansive connectedness to the universe.

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