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Petalite is a lithium aluminium phyllosilicate mineral. It can be found colourless, or in shades of white, grey, pink or yellow. Petalite is also know by the name castorite.

Petalite has a beautiful energy. It is soft, but also has subtle strength, resonating with the heart chakra through the Soul Star. It is a higher frequency stone with an angelic connection and is ideal for a peaceful meditation.

Petalite helps to clear emotional anxiety and stress. It can help find peace, bringing a wonderful sense of deep calm and joy. It frees the mind of worries and encourages gentle understanding and compassion.

My experience of living with Petalite;

I found this crystal to be so calming and tranquil but also with a lightness about it. I used it often for meditation and had such a sense of peace. I found that it enhanced my love and appreciation for everything, to the point where I was shedding tears of joy and feeling total bliss.

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