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Shungite is from Karelia, near Shunga in Russia. It is a non-crystalline mineraloid consisting of carbon and trace elements of fullerenes. Fullerenes are used as antiviral agents due to their unique molecular structure and antioxidant effect. Shungite has been proven by modern day testing, to have anti-bacterial properties.

Shungite is normally black, but if it has a lower carbon content, it may appear grey. Shungite with the highest carbon content is silvery black and is known as Elite Shungite.

For hundreds of years Shungite has been considered to have healing properties by using it as a water purifier. Peter the Great set up Russia's first spa in Karelia to make use of the water purifying properties of Shungite, and also supplied it to the Russian army to purify their drinking water. This continues to be a popular practice today, by placing Shungite in a jug or bottle of drinking water.

Shungite is ideal for neutralizing electromagnetic energy. It can be used to protect against negative energy that is emitted from electronics such as the TV, microwave or wifi equipment.

The energy of Shungite is gently grounding and is good for meditation and shamanic journeying.

Shungite is becoming increasingly popular, as it helps to purify and cleanse the body of all negative energy and then protects against external negative influences. I have a piece near all my electronic devices, wear it as jewellery and have some in my drinking water!

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