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Mookite / Mookaite

Mookite (also known as mookaite or mook jasper) is found in Mooka Creek, Western Australia. It is formed from tiny skeletal remains found on the sea bed and these sediments, combined with silica, form the solid rock. Mookite comes in many colours, including red, maroon, purple, brown-orange, pale yellow, mustard, ivory, white and pink.

Mookite offers us stability in our lives, aiding us through times of transformation or change. It helps to align the 3rd eye, solar plexus and root, connecting us with earth energies whilst being highly spiritual. It can help with our ability to simply “know” the right direction to take by enhancing our instincts when making decisions.

Mookite can help to bring peace and relief from stress. It is said to be stabilizing for the immune system, supports liver health and is restorative for tissue deterioration of the internal organs.

Sue weaver crystals;

Mookite has an element of stability, but it also has a strong sense of lightness – a very high spirituality – with lots of movement. It can help to adjust to changes and bring support in these transformative times, as we release old patterns and move into the new. Mookite will help to bring peace when help is needed.

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