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Kunzite is the pink to violet variety of the silicate Spodumene, with the pink colour being trace amounts of manganese. It is transparent with a glassy appearance and forms in flattened prismatic crystals.

Kunzite is associated with the heart chakra and opens the heart to the energies of love at a higher vibration. It is said that meditating with kunzite can facilitate profound experiences of Universal Love. Carrying kunzite helps with kindness, gentleness and serenity.

Kunzite helps us to be understanding of others, give way without being untrue to ourselves and to be compromising. It helps to receive constructive criticism and to be self-reflective whilst combining logic with intuition.

Kunzite is said to be the ‘woman’s stone’ as it is good for pregnant women and young or first-time mothers caring for their baby. It is also a good stone for sleepless babies and over-active children. The soothing energy of kunzite can calm nervousness and irritation and would be good when travelling to combat road rage and stress whilst driving.

Physically, kunzite is said to help with hormone-linked problems, skin rashes and can help to reduce the after effects of anaesthesia. It is also said that kunzite strengthens the circulatory system and heart muscle.

Sue Weaver Crystals;

Opens the heart to high vibrations of love. Welcomes in new souls. A perfect gift for a pregnant woman or new-born. For depression and addictive behaviour. Good for children who find life a challenge.

My experience of living with kunzite;

Kunzite has a soft, gentle energy and at first I thought that I didn’t have very much of a response to carrying it for the week. When I look back on my diary though, it seems that there were a lot of subtle things going on. My dreams were vivid this week and each one had a deep message that I reflected on. I spoke my truth about something whilst being open to the opinion of the other party as it was a very sensitive subject. I also felt very sensitive around the time of the full moon and noticed that the best way to calm my irritation was to laugh at myself, which lifted my mood and that of others around me.

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