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Dioptase is a copper cyclosilicate mineral, transparent to translucent and is its colour is vibrant green to blue/green. It is very fragile and not very common, often only found for sale within a host crystal.

Dioptase is associated with the heart and higher heart chakras. It helps to heal and strengthen the emotional heart by awakening loving passion. It encourages forgiveness and the healing of old inner wounds at a very deep level.

Dioptase has a pain relieving effect on the physical body. It is good for chronic headaches and to loosen cramps. It is also said to stimulate the regenerative power of the liver.

Dioptase brings serenity and a sense of well-being as well as an awareness of living in the present. It encourages self-awareness and makes us aware of our inner riches, shedding light on our own capabilities and helping us to realize our ambitions.

When I connected with Dioptase for the first time last February, I got the inspiration to start this group on Facebook. It took me to a place where I connected with my passion and gave me the inner strength to know that it is something I can achieve.

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