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Celestite, also known as Celestine, is a strontium sulphate mineral. It is usually a pale blue colour but can also be colourless and occasionally other colours. The most common is a soft sky blue, but be aware that celestite can fade in prolonged exposure to heat and light. It is normally found in clusters and geodes.

Celestite is associated with the third eye, crown and other higher chakras. It has a gently uplifting energy which expands consciousness to the higher realms. It is said to be effective for accessing the angelic realm and helping with communication with one’s guides. Celestite is also good for astral travel and dream recall.

Celestite has a relaxing and peaceful energy within the home. It is ideal to have in the bedroom, healing room or meditation space as a source of soft, positive energy. It is also good as an environmental cleanser as its vibrations radiate in all directions.

Celestite can help to calm an overactive mind and bring peace and tranquillity. It can also help to alleviate fear, suspicions or paranoia and brings hope in despair.

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