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Unlike all the other crystals that we have connected with so far, Amber is not a rock, but a resin that oozed from living trees in dense, prehistoric forests and then fossilized over millions of years. Some amber may contain inclusions of insects or other matter that was in it as it fossilized. To be classed as real Amber, the resin must be millions of years old. Younger tree resin which is only several thousand years old is called Copal.

Amber is associated with the solar plexus. Its energy is light, warm and soothing and is therefore a good crystal to use with children and babies. Amber is often made into a necklace or bracelet for the mother to wear when nursing her child.

Amber is good for anyone who is recovering from illness as it is warm and nurturing and encourages us to draw on our own strength. It activates life force and the emotional desire for wellness. Amber is said to help those with depression due to its sunny, warm energy, promoting a positive mental state. It brings balance and peacefulness.

Amber is good for asthma and bronchial infections. It is also good to wear amber to counteract the symptoms of hayfever.

Sue weaver crystals;

For warmth and protection. Absorbs negative energies thus assisting the body to heal itself. Creates balance between enjoying physical life while expanding mind and spirit.

My experience of living with Amber;

On the first day of living with Amber someone directed some negativity towards me. I knew that it was their emotion as I had done nothing wrong, so I didn’t let it affect me. I was assertive in telling them that I did not appreciate negativity in my life and asked that they not be like that with me again.

Other than this, my week living with Amber has been reasonably calm and pleasant. I had a busy weekend, so recognised the need to rest and meditate to build up my energy again.

I slept well with amber.

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