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Tigers Eye

Tigers eye is another member of the quartz family. The golden to brown fibrous inclusions within it are limonite and this gives it the optical reflective effect known as chatoyancy. Other crystals similar to tigers eye are Hawks eye which is a blue-grey colour and Ox eye which is a reddish colour.

Tigers eye helps with vitality, practicality and physical action. Stimulating the root chakra and solar plexus, it helps to take effective action whilst remaining grounded, calm and centred. Tigers eye can be used for the protection of negative intentions of others and facilitates finding emotional balance with others.

Tigers eye is a stone of good luck and fortune. It is ideal for those setting out in business for the first time and it also helps those building up skills and knowledge for a change in career. It helps one to step ‘outside of the box’ in order to grow.

Tigers eye helps to restore balance on all levels. It is said to help with hormonal balance and to boost the endocrine system. It is traditionally said to help with disorders of the eyes and throat. It can help to balance emotional extremes and can help to resolve internal mental battles.

Sue Weaver Crystals;

Brings the energies of spirit into the physical plane. Assists us to be more focused and practical while retaining inspiration. Good for spaced out people to get things done. A male energy. My experience of living with Tigers Eye;

What a motivational week I have had. On the 2nd day of living with tigers eye I decided to paint my shed, which is something I have been meaning to do for 3 years! Also during this week, I decided to pull up the carpet in my bedroom after I found that I had lovely floorboards underneath and decided to throw out a lot of stuff that I had been hoarding and no longer needed. It felt good to be motivated to get all of this done.

There was a time in the middle of the week when I felt anger, but I wasn’t sure what it was about. When I worked with tigers eye a few years ago it also bought up anger in me. This time I was in a better place to be able to meditate and balance my energy so that the anger was released and passed.

Towards the end of the week I was starting to think seriously about giving up the work that I have done all my life and focus on being a crystal healer, helping others and sharing the energy of crystals. Read next weeks attunement for the outcome to this 😉

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