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Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz is one of the lesser written about crystals available and there are some differing opinions on the mineral content and appearance. I have done some research online and have written the below information based on the crystal that I have always known to be strawberry quartz – as seen in the picture.

Strawberry quartz is a pink variety of Quartz that has the mixture of Goethite and Iron Oxide that infuse the crystalline matrix. The colour ranges from pale pink to raspberry pink and it can have a mottled appearance.

Strawberry Quartz brings joy and happiness into your life whilst teaching you to not rely on others for this happiness, but to find it from within. It enhances self-esteem and lessens restrictions that you may have put upon yourself. It reduces anxiety and replaces it with tranquillity. Strawberry Quartz can also help to enhance an existing relationship by easing tension and encouraging romance.

Strawberry Quartz can help with clear thinking by calming the mind. Spiritually, it is said to help with meditation, astral travel and to gain an understanding of your path in life. It is also said that Strawberry Quartz helps with dream recall and analysis.

Sue Weaver Crystals;

Strawberry Quartz has a mystical, magical quality

My experience of living with Strawberry Quartz;

It is worth mentioning my experience of this crystal when I first worked with it 2 years ago. I was in an unhappy relationship and my energy was very unbalanced. I was only able to carry the crystal for 2 days as I was expressing so much anger and negative emotion that I couldn’t function. 5 months later, I was still in the same unhappy relationship, but this time I felt stronger when I worked with the Strawberry Quartz. I had lived with Rhodocrosite, Rhodonite and other heart focused crystals in the meantime and now working with the Strawberry Quartz made me finally end the unhappy relationship. I was determined that I would be happy and content on my own and just focus on self-love.

This time when I have lived with Strawberry Quartz I have experienced the joy and happiness as well as the magical quality. I have had a week of giving to others through crystal healing, I have done my first talk to a group and have advertised my first crystal workshop. I know that this is my path in life and it brings me such joy and love.

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