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Prehnite is a calcium aluminium silicate mineral. Its colour is usually yellow-green or olive green, but it can also be found colourless, blue, pink or white. The pieces I have seen for sale nearly always have inclusions of epidote within them.

Prehnite is associated with the heart chakra and also the solar plexus. It links the heart with the will, so your desires are in alignment with the highest good possible in every situation. Prehnite teaches you how to be in harmony with nature and the elements.

It has a gentle energy, but is a powerful aid in times of stress. It helps to reduce anxiety and quiets restlessness, nervousness and worry. It helps you to stay in the present moment and avoid the unhealthy thought patterns that can lead to creating a situation in the mind, that doesn’t actually exist.

Prehnite is the ‘no worries’ stone. If you find yourself repeating thoughts in your head time and time again, this crystal can help you in letting go of those thoughts.

Prehnite can also be good for helping you to declutter in your life, including material things. It can help you to realise what is no longer needed and to sort out and organise what is left.

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