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Moss Agate

Moss agate is a type of chalcedony (belonging to the quartz family) with inclusions of green minerals giving it the impression of moss within it. It is clear with green inclusions, not to be confused with tree agate which is solid white with green inclusions. Despite its name, moss agate does not contain any organic matter.

Moss agate is softly grounding. It has a low vibration compared to other crystals, so works slowly within our energy. It helps us to connect with nature, nature spirits, animals and the earth.

In healing it is often placed above the head at the soul star and beneath the feet at the earth star to give energy throughout the entire aura. It helps in anchoring spirit to the heart and helps with how we express the truth of who we are on earth. It is very balancing and offers stability in the physical world.

Moss agate is the crystal for gardeners, farmers and agriculturalists. It is said that planting this crystal in a plant pot will increase the overall health of the plant.

Moss agate is a good crystal to use when convalescing after an illness or for recovery from addictions. It is calming, peaceful and can lessen mood swings. It enhances mental concentration, persistence and endurance, making it useful as an aid in physical exercise programs or therapies.

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