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Hemimorphite is a basic hydrous zinc silicate. It was formally classed alongside Smithsonite as Calamine, until it was discovered that these minerals are in fact slightly different from each other. It can be found in white, colourless, beige, yellow, light brown or blue. Its name comes from the Greek hemi, meaning half and morph, meaning shape, as it has different crystal terminations on each end of a single crystal. However this formation is rarely seen as most hemimorphite available is botryoidal or sliced.

The energy of hemimorphite feels gentle and soft to me. It is calming and soothing bringing a feeling of well-being on many levels. I have a piece in the bedroom for gentle healing and balance.

It is said that hemimorphite brings balance to the auric field, dissolving negativity & weakness and bringing in a feeling of joy. Blue hemimorphite helps in communicating the truth of one’s feelings, particularly within relationships.

Hemimorphite gently expands spiritual awareness and can be beneficial when connecting and working with spirit guides as a medium or healer.

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