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Hematite is the mineral form of Iron Oxide. It is rather variable in its appearance as it can be reddish brown or all shades of silvery-grey and it forms as crystals, massive, rosettes, botryoidal (grape formation) or columnar. However it has formed, it will have a rust red streak through it. The hematite that is most frequently available is a metallic grey colour and has been polished and formed into a tumblestone - photo 3. Photo 1 is natural hematite on dark amethyst and photo 2 is red hematite in quartz.

Hematite is an excellent grounding stone and is associated with the root chakra. It can help to ground high vibration energy and therefore bring the energy of spirit into the physical, throughout the entire body.

It is said to be protecting and prevents negative energy from entering the aura. It has a strong energy that can help boost confidence in timid people, especially women. Hematite can also help with concentration and focus in a grounding logical way. It is said to be good when studying mathematics or technical subjects.

Hematite is said to strengthen the liver, aid circulation and help with blood problems. It is also useful in overcoming obsessions or habits, so could be used when trying to lose weight or give up smoking.

From Sue Weaver Crystals, Cornwall School of Crystal Healing;

Excellent grounding stone. For stress, shock, trauma. Excellent for accidents. Controls bleeding.

From The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall;

It is said that Hematite is beneficial for legal situations. Hematite helps you come to terms with mistakes and accept them as learning experiences, rather than disasters.

My experience of living with Hematite;

This crystal has had the least effect on me, compared to the other crystals that we have worked with so far. I have had a calm week, felt good and stayed focused.

When I worked with Hematite 3 years ago, my reaction to it was totally different. I believe that this is because I was unbalanced and ungrounded and I also had a lot of emotional issues that needed to be released. When I held the Hematite I felt tingling and twitching throughout my arms which was rather uncomfortable. I felt angry and wanted to stamp my feet, felt a lot of frustration, tension and wanted to cry. When I carried it for a week my attention was being drawn to obsessive thoughts I was having and how I lacked in self-confidence.

3 years ago Hematite was important in my healing journey to ground me, give me self-confidence and draw my attention to the obsessive thought patterns that I was having. Today, Hematite works with my energy in a more gentle way as I am balanced and have overcome the issues that Hematite helped me with previously.

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