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There are a number of different types of Garnet but the one that I have written about is Almandine. This is the most common type of tumblestone which is very dark red and opaque. If you have a piece of jewellery with a red transparent/translucent gemstone in it, this may be Almandine or Pyrope Garnet.

Garnet is very energising and regenerative, bringing strength and stamina. It is associated with the root chakra where it activates and strengthens our connection to the physical world and helps to manifest a realistic version of it. It can help to alleviate worry, panic and fear by maintaining a calm connection to the present.

Garnet increases sexual energy, supports reproductive organs and aids recuperation from injury. It aids circulation and all blood related issues and can also help with arthritis. It can help to absorb iron into the intestines and can help treat the liver and pancreas.

Judy Hall

Garnet is supportive in taking time for yourself, bringing deep love, and aids in integrating truth and an affinity with the higher self.

Michael Gienger

Thirst for action, capacity for work, gift for imagination. It also helps in situations when general life circumstances become extremely difficult by promoting self-confidence and strength of character.

My experience of living with Garnet;

I have felt the supportive strength of the Garnet this week, however there is nothing more specific that I am able to share. I slept well with Garnet and found that my sleep was heavier than normal.

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