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Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline, which is also known as Schorl, is an iron-rich complex borosilicate. It is opaque black and is very common. Black tourmaline can be electrically charged by heating or rubbing it, which results in one end becoming positive and the other negative.

Black tourmaline is one of the main crystals for protection against negativity. It is said to guard against radiation and environmental pollutants as well as giving psychic protection in challenging places or situations. It is a good crystal to use if you wish to create a grid around your home for protection from outside influences or to carry for protection from other people’s negative energy.

Black tourmaline is very grounding, providing a connection between earth and spirit. It is often used in healing and is associated with the base chakra. It is recommended for ridding oneself of anxieties, panic attacks, anger, self-judgement and unworthiness. It is also useful in purifying one’s own negative thoughts or feelings by turning them into positive.

Tourmaline is said to strengthen the sense of smell and is also used to treat motion sickness.

Michael Gienger: Black tourmaline helps combat strains, back pain and sensations of numbness. It stimulates bowel movements, eases bloating and stomach ache and helps against constipation. It also strengthens the kidneys and soothes ear complaints.

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