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Sugilite is a rare pink to purple cyclosilicate mineral. It is rarely found in crystal form, only in massive. It was first discovered in Japan in 1944, named after Dr Kenichi Sugi and is also known by the names of luvilite and royal azel.

Sugilite is associated with the third eye and crown chakras and is ideal for meditation. It opens the crown chakra bringing spiritual light to earth and aids in connecting to one’s higher self. It encourages us to live in accordance with our inner truth and not to allow ourselves to be deflected from it. It also enhances one’s understanding of the lessons which have been chosen for this journey on the physical realm.

Sugilite helps us to understand the connection between the well-being of the mind and well-being of the body. It can help with the emotional and mental stresses that create many of the illnesses of the physical body. It aids in letting go of past sorrow, anger or fear to enable moving forward with hope, optimism and confidence.

Sugilite helps to recall dreams and can also enhance the significance and symbolism within the dreams. It is also said to help with insomnia and to ward off nightmares.

Sugilite has a harmonizing effect on the nervous system and can help to ease pain, inflammation and combat viruses. It is said to be a good crystal to support healing from cancer. Sugilite is purifying and can create a shield of light around the wearer, protecting from negative energy.

Sue Weaver Crystals:

Sugilite helps to understand the lessons behind physical illness and other life conditions. For sensitive people and children who find life a challenge or for children with learning difficulties.

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