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The composition of Sodalite is sodium aluminium silicate and it gets its name from the sodium content. Sodalite does not belong to a family of crystals like the quartz crystals we have already worked with, however in mineralogy it may be classed as a feldspathoid. Sodalite is found in all shades of blue and may contain white streaks of calcite within it. Sodalite is the main constituent of Lapis Lazuli, along with other minerals.

Sodalite is usually associated with the third eye (brow chakra) and is a stone of insight into the self. It is a good crystal for meditation as it is calming and clears the mind to allow deep thought and new information to be received. It helps with having an enlightened perspective on life by increasing consciousness and deepening intuition.

Sodalite helps us to have a clear sense of who we are and helps us to recognise and remove things from our life that do not serve us. It encourages us to want freedom from restriction so that we can express ourselves freely and be true to ourselves. It helps us to arrive at logical conclusions based on rational consideration.

Sue Weaver Crystals:

Very calming, slightly sedative. Decreases anxiety and fear, assists the over emotional towards rationality. For high blood pressure and fever.

Michael Gienger:

Sodalite heals complaints that afflict the throat, larynx and vocal chords, in particular, long-lasting hoarseness. It has a cooling effect, lowers the blood pressure and stimulates absorption of fluids in the body.

My experience of living with Sodalite:

The energy and influence that Sodalite has had on my life this week has felt subtle. I have found it very good for meditation and have managed to relax my mind very easily. My sleep has also been good with this crystal.

I was faced with having to make a business decision this week, with an element of pressure due to a quick answer being needed. I found that I remained calm and focused whilst I looked at all the details in a logical way. I did not let emotion influence my decision, but rather looked at how the situation would serve me in my life and allow me to be true to myself.

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