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Larimar is a form of blue Pectolite which is only found in the Dominican Republic, Caribbean. It is also known as Stefilia's stone, Dolphin stone and Atlantis stone. It is a sodium calcium silicate mineral and its colour varies from white, light-blue, green-blue to deep blue, displaying patterns like the Caribbean sea.

Larimar has a very gentle, calming energy and is ideal for stress related illnesses. It helps to find serenity, relaxation and deep peace. It is a stone of feminine power and promotes strength of the emotional self.

Larimar is cooling. It can help to calm hot tempers and can also help with the frequency and intensity of hot flushes. Larimar can also help with high blood pressure, infection, fever and inflammation.

Larimar is associated with the throat chakra and helps with any throat issues or infection. It also helps encourage clear communication, speaking from the heart. Larimar is also associated with the third eye and can help in meditation to see and release you from unhealthy bonds to people or beliefs that do not serve your highest good.

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