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Pietersite is a variety of quartz (silicon dioxide) composed of Tiger’s Eye, Hawks Eye and Jasper. It has dramatic swirling colours of gold, brown, grey, black, red and blue along with the sheen that is found with Tiger’s eye. It is also known as the Tempest Stone.

Pietersite can display the colouring of a storm and its energy can help to calm ‘stormy’ situations in your life. It is beneficial during times of chaos, calming the emotions in times of distress. It is gently grounding and helps to keep concentration during much distraction going on around you.

Pietersite is associated with the 3rd eye and solar plexus. This connection brings with it a powerful increase in the energy of the will and intuitive abilities. It helps lead to decisive actions and achieve one’s aims.

Pietersite can help to break habits or lifestyle patterns, revealing new directions in life. It can also help with exhaustion and enhances overall vitality.

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